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Step 1 – FIT Call

Before committing your time, or ours, to a face-to-face meeting, this 15-minute scheduled phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise.  After all, you wouldn’t see a dentist if you needed heart surgery. If we aren’t a good “fit” for each other, we will gladly suggest a… Continue reading Step 1 – FIT Call

Step 2 – First Office Meeting

The goal of this meeting is to get perfectly clear on your goals, concerns and unique financial situation.  Your answers to our questions, along with the documents we requested you bring, will guide our analysis going forward.

Step 3 – Our Analysis

During this evaluation and planning process, we will apply our experience and dive deep into all five areas of financial planning that include: Protection Taxes Retirement Planning Estate Planning Strategies Investments This process will help you answer questions such as: Can I afford to retire? Am I overpaying my taxes? Can my portfolio be improved?… Continue reading Step 3 – Our Analysis

Step 5 – Sleep On It

Having been in the business for more than 25-years, we are in no rush for you to make a decision.  Prior to deciding whether we should work together, you will want to answer the following questions: Do I like/trust/respect the team at Reed Davis Wealth Management? Will the benefits they provide exceed their fees? Do… Continue reading Step 5 – Sleep On It